(Murilo’s) ROS2 Tutorial


If you’re looking for the official documentation, this is NOT it. For the official ROS documentation, refer to this link.

ROS2 Humble tutorials by Murilo M. Marinho, focusing on Ubuntu 22.04 x64 LTS and the programming practices of successful state-of-the-art robotics implementations such as the SmartArmStack and the AISciencePlatform.

Using this tutorial

This is a tutorial that supposes that the user will follow it linearly. Some readers can skip the Preamble if they are somewhat already comfortable in Python and Ubuntu. Otherwise, all steps can be considered as dependent on the prior ones, even the ROS2 Setup.


Basic content such as simple Ubuntu use, Python in Ubuntu etc.

ROS2 Setup

Setting up a working ROS2 environment properly to follow this tutorial.

ROS2 Tutorial

The beginning of the tutorial, supposing that the ROS2 enviroment is properly set up.


This project is under active development and currently a draft.


If you’re using macOS or Windows, this is NOT the guide for you. There might be a lot of overlap, but none of the code shown here has been tested on those operating systems.